Integrated Yin Yoga Teacher Training   “Anatomy meets Energy”

With Jade Wood & Emily Baxter 

10. – 24. Mai 2014 @ SUTRA.

Yin Yoga - the gentle way to center

This Yin Training is unique in it’s combination of anatomy, energetics and mindful teaching methodology.

You will learn how Yin Yoga differs from other forms of Yoga asana prevalent today and be provided with a breadth of knowledge in the following fields, which will give you all the tools required to be an excellent Yin Yoga teacher.We will study the poses in depth, learning how the tissues are affected as well as the energetic influences on the body and mind.  You will be instructed on how to sequence, work safely with injuries and teach responsibly. An opportunity to dive deeply into a profound practice of peace.

Functional Anatomy and Applied Yin Yoga
  • Structure and function of the skeletal and muscular system
  • Spinal range of motion and articulation of the pelvis
  • Tension vs compression
  • Skeletal variation and proportion
  • Posture and pain
  • Fascial trains

Energetics of Yin Yoga

  • Chakra, meridian and 5 element theory
  • Meridian line mapping
  • Shen and Ko cycle
  • Meditating and full body mudra
  • Mental aspect of practice
Teaching Yin Yoga
  • Yin poses, variations and use of props
  • Modifications, contraindications and injuries
  • How to sequence a Yin Yoga class
  • Assisted Yin
  • Teaching principals and practice
Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is rooted in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of Meridian lines and blended with traditional Hatha Yoga Asana, this synergy allows the practitioner to draw upon the healing properties of both a physical and an energetic practice.  Perfectly suited to those wishing to indulge in a gentle and meditative experience that embraces the holistic potential of Yoga asana.
Yin is a practice of patience where certain postures are held for long periods of time.  During this deep and still process we use the breath, time and gravity to sink us into poses.  Stretching deep into the connective tissues and energy lines of the body can increase joint range of motion and circulation, helping to relieve tightness commonly held in the shoulders and lower back and ease symptoms of a stressful lifestyle.
The focus is on releasing tension and letting go in the body and the mind, the practice has several mental as well as physical benefits.


The Training
We will be teaching all aspects, anatomical, energetic and teaching methodology concurrently throughout the duration of the training.  This will give students the time to incorporate it all holistically.  Much of the learning will be active and hands on, students will be provided with both study materials and an active manual to complete as they learn and experience the practice.


Jade and Emily welcome people from all backgrounds to attend this training.  Ideal for practicing Yoga teachers looking for more experience and/or a new facet of the yoga practice to offer their students.  It is suitable for passionate students wanting to deepen their own practice.  This course is also perfect for bodyworkers wanting to expand the ways in which they can help their clients.

Sample Daily Schedule:
7 – 9 am  Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Asana
9 – 10:30 am  Breakfast
10:30 – 1 pm  Lecture
1 – 3:00 pm  Lunch and Free Time

3:00 – 6:00 pm  Teaching Methodology / Practice Teaching


Teaching language: English

Open Level!

Energy Exchange: 1500€ / Early Bird: 1250€, if paid by 1rst of February 2014
Registration & Infos under: [email protected]


Two awesome Teachers!

Jade Wood & Emily Baxter

Jade Wood 

Jade originally trained as a circus artist and performer and was inspired by her experiences with Yoga as a method for rehabilitation and relaxation. After years of practicing Yoga and Meditation she took her training as a Yoga instructor with the School of Sacred Arts in Bali and has never looked back. Continuing to build upon her experiences from country to county she has learned and taught in Indonesia, the Philippines, Arabia and extensively throughout Europe. She is 300 hours certified by Yoga Alliance to teach traditional Hatha, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. She continues her love for circus arts and acrobatics by practicing dynamic acrobatics and AcroYoga and loves to explore the upside-down dimensions!

Jade also studied with Paul Grilley, which has greatly influenced her style of teaching. Her teaching is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and she explores both her Yin Yoga and Chi Kung practice through the dance of the Elements. Jade has experience practicing in an Osteopathic Centre specializing in Yoga for clinical referrals, working with people recovering from injury, surgery and suffering with pain and stress-related disorders. She has found the practice of Yin Yoga invaluable for this and continues to learn from unfolding, simplifying and deepening.

Jade’s teaching is body-honouring and mindful with an emphasis on empowering people to find what their individual expression of Yoga is. She combines her extensive knowledge of the body with her training in Thai massage, Shiatsu & TCM, Craniosacral Therapy and Chi Kung to give students a holistic viewpoint of the body as both a structural and energetic space for exploration.
She holds a strong belief that everyone has the potential to harness their own magic and wisdom to heal, learn and enjoy living life to the very fullest.


Emily Baxter

Before studying Yoga Emily completed a Pilates teacher training through the YMCA and studied Anatomy at Algonquin College.  These courses gave her a great wealth of knowledge on body mechanics and posture analysis, beautifully complimenting her yoga training at Kaivalyadhamma in India  which focused heavily on traditional yogic philosophy and history.  Emily later studied with Mark Laham in his Yin yoga teacher training program in 2009 where she studied both the mental and physical aspects of  a yin style of practice.

She had discovered her passion and continues to constantly explore different inspirations of asana and various paths of yoga.   Seeing how many students came into a yoga for healing aches and pains Emily became curious about healing the musculoskeletal system through yoga and movement.  This lead her to start training as a Postural Assessment Specialist through Egoscue Univeristy in 2011.

She keeps her inner child alive through the practice and teaching of Acro Yoga and Slacklining.  Emily teaches anatomy, methodology and adjustments on Astanga Vinyasa Teacher Trainings with Tribe Yoga in Europe and Asia.  She also teaches classes, workshops and intensives at various Yoga studios, parks and Acrobatic Conventions.

Emily’s passion for movement and body awareness coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instruction.

She continues to study, travel, teach, play and laugh wherever she may find herself.   A full bio and more info about Emily can be found on her website