AcroYoga Workshop with Thom ”Upside down in and out”

Am Sonntag, den 14. Juli von 16 – 18:30 Uhr im SUTRA.

*** flying with Thom - FUN and exploration ***


If a workshop is an oven, then here we will be baking delicious AcroYoga cakes – main ingredients tasty inversions, buttery-smooth control, fruity partner sensitivity and gluten-free acrobatic transitions.

First we will explore inverting with confidence and control, learning to balance upside down on a partner with stability and ease… From there we will find ways to enter into connection through inversion, move through acrobatic sequences with control, and exit through an inversion…upside down in and out!

If you can hold a handstand against a wall this will help you, if not, no problem, that’s what friends are for!

This is an open level workshop, prepare to support and be supported – delicious ingredients will be offered for all abilities.

See you there!

energy exchange: 35€, 30€ with transferring in advance

register under: [email protected]

Lets fly!

Thom - "movement in lightness"