Spring Rejuvenation Weekend Immersion
with Nianna Bray @ SUTRA.

2nd & 3rd of May 2015

Nianna Bray – a tantric Yogini traveling the world teaching the wisdom of embodiment.

Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga

Join us for a Spring Rejuvenation weekend immersion with Nianna Bray. She will take you on a journey of embodiment that will nourish your heart and soul and reconnect you with your vital life force and radiant wellness. It is a very special treat to host Nianna and we look forward to sharing this weekend of Spring renewal with you.

Saturday 10-12am & Sunday 10-12am:
Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Saturday 10-12am – Fire Practice
Agni is Fire. Fire is the alchemical energy of transformation or change. In this ritual practice we will attune to the igniting, sustaining and dissolving energy of fire through the sacred embodiment of yoga. Light you life ablaze and burn away toxins with the powerful element of fire.

Sunday 10-12am – Water Practice
Jala is water. Water is the fluid power that nourishes, cleanses and connects us back to the flow. In this ritual practice we will attune with the purifying, healing, and sensual power of water through the sacred embodiment of yoga. Ride the wave, get unstuck and dive into a deeper flow.

Saturday & Sunday 3-5pm:
Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that requires a deep slowing down and induces states of relaxation and mediation. We will hold the postures longer and allow our bodies to soften over time. There is an art to letting go and yin yoga teaches us how to truly surrender to what is in a healthy and healing way. In this workshop you give yourself time for self-reflection and will remember the importance of slowing down and listening closely to your own body and soul. Session will begin with a talk on the theory of the Yin Yoga practice.

Nianna Bray is a tantric yogini traveling the world teaching the wisdom of embodiment. She is fierce, compassionate, openhearted and accessible. She lights a fire in the hearts of her students and gives them the tools to tend the flame. Her classes and workshops ignite transformation. As a graduate from UCLA World Arts and Cultures, Nianna studied ritual performance, dance and culture and brings somatic intelligence to her teaching. She shares her knowledge of health and holistic fitness and a lifetime of travel experience as co-owner of Away Inward Retreats (), a boutique travel company that leads global spirit and wellness adventures in remarkable destinations and supports local communities through her non-profit, .

Energy exchange:
1 Workshop: 45€ early bird, 50€ after
2 Workshops: 80€ early bird, 85€ after
3 Workshops: 115€ early bird, 120€
all 4 Workshops: 155€ early bird, 165€ after

* Early bird with registration and money transfer until 1rst of April

Registration: [email protected]